2021-08-18 release

Improved Airbus Pleiades trucks algo; a new & improved time series chart for results; temporary deprecation of alerts; and other bugfixes.

Object detection

  • 🚚 Airbus Pleiades Trucks - updated model with improved performance. Now using pansharpened (RGB) imagery, and with pixel clouds enabled.

↔️ Traceability

  • Improved country/state classification for clusters falling just outside admin boundaries. Logic is now identical to that for AOIs.
  • Bug fix for privacy filtering (was previously over-aggressive on filtering heatmaps)
  • Bug fix to make results deterministic (if you run the same project multiple times, it now gives identical results)

📈 Charts v2: beta release of charts v2 with improved performance & slicker user experience. Try this out by clicking “Switch to new chart” in the results view

❗ Deprecated alerts/triggers from the UI. Will bring this back after we put in proper anomaly detection (tentative Q4 roadmap). Existing projects with alerts will continue to function as before.

📊 Go Analysis:

  • Faster load time, with updates to jupyterlab & plotly libraries
  • go_utils API wrapper now supports skysat algos
  • New tutorial notebook for seasonal analysis of hourly foot traffic projects

🔧 Other

  • Fixed regression on annotation causing bounding-box colors to appear grey when editing
  • Fixed regression on AOI catalog preventing selection across multiple pages of AOIs
  • Fixed window resizing issues on results page affecting map & chart
  • Now reset foot traffic dwell time setting when switching back from hourly to daily observation frequency (reported by customers as confusing)