Faster page loads, AOI upload formats

User-facing improvements

  • The projects page should load much faster now, as we cache your project list in the browser
  • Support uploading of geopackage (.gpkg) and geojson (.geojson) AOI files
  • Results page: we now show the boundaries of nearby AOIs
  • AOI catalog: now supports searching for AOIs with short names (eg Chinese/Japanese AOI names)
  • AOI catalog: made searching more intuitive when opening the catalog while zoomed into a particular area (we were previously defaulting to the global catalog results)

Bug fixes

  • Aircraft algorithm: "By Classes" results chart was sometimes missing data points (frontend-only bug)
  • Foot traffic algorithm: default max dwell time was being set incorrectly to 60 minutes (now is 1440 minutes, with daily observation frequency - ie no dwell filtering by default)
  • AOI editing: deleting a vertex while editing, will no longer exit editing mode
  • Project collaboration: users with viewer permissions are now able to remove themselves from a shared project