Introducing the AOI Catalog, and broader AOI revamp

Easily access and use a catalog of 3.7 million AOIs for analysis in your GO projects.

AOI Catalog

  • Available globally
  • Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Leisure, Military, etc
  • Search by name, type, company, country/state
  • Includes AOIs curated by Orbital Insight as well as from OpenStreetMap and other sources

Using the AOI catalog to search for and add Ford factory AOIs to a GO project

Additional AOI metadata

Additional metadata fields are now available for all AOIs: category, type, tags, country, state, data_source, attributes. These are currently read-only but will be editable in future.

Country & state are automatically determined for all AOIs.


This metadata is also accessible from the /aois API, and are returned in a new metadata key. If using Go Analysis and the go_utils API wrapper, these are returned by get_aois().

    "id": "...",
    "name": "...",
    "metadata": {
        "category": "Industrial",
        "type": "Factory",
        "attributes": null,
        "country": "United States",
        "data_source": null,
        "state": "Michigan",
        "tags": ["Ford", ...]

AOI uploads - storing custom fields

All custom fields in uploaded AOIs will now be stored and retrievable (via API for now). This improves AOI data management and allows for richer analysis by joining AOI-level attributes to results from GO.

The following are protected fields that will be ignored when processing uploaded files: id, aoi_id, category_id, aoi_type_id, data_source_id, centroid, area, and created_on.