Object Detection Improvements

We regularly release optimizations and enhancements to make your overall GO experience better & faster. In the last month, these have been focused on imagery projects, particularly with object detection:

  • 50-60% faster catalog queries for OneAtlas satellite scenes (relevant for the cars/trucks/airplanes algos). Also improves our scalability to support many large AOIs across long time ranges.
  • Optimized open-order imagery projects to complete new runs more quickly
  • Pixel-level cloud detection now enabled for all projects (we will talk more about this in future)
  • Clarified tooltips for imagery parameters (cloud coverage & incidence angle)

Object detection user interface

  • Multi-class detections: updated colors for improved visibility
  • Single class point detections: slightly increased size for better visibility, and now with a new option to adjust marker size, accessible from the legend

New option to resize markers for point object detections