Speedups & Bug Bashing

We regularly release optimizations and bugfixes to make your overall GO experience better & faster. In the last month, we have:

  • Optimized: pipeline for large foot traffic projects - seeing significantly faster runtimes & shorter queue time
  • Improved: visibility of AOIs when using a satellite basemap
  • Deprecated: imagery dead period selection - this was confusing to users and barely used. (This is deprecated in the UI but still available via API.)
  • Fixed: edge case for open order scheduling for foot traffic (was causing some projects to fail)
  • Fixed: edge case with ingestion failure, causing some scenes to be missing from results
  • Fixed: reduced foot traffic heatmap failures
  • Fixed: AOI uploads failing when the user file contained an id field
  • Fixed: imagery catalog failure when AOIs contain duplicate vertices
  • Fixed: project sharing emails sometimes linking incorrectly
  • Fixed: regression causing missing results when generating visualizations for large number of objects