Traceability beta period, visualizations & enhancements

We have released an update to GO which contains significant improvements and bug-fixes for the Traceability feature. We are also introducing a beta status for Traceability, to acknowledge the continued work & improvements still planned, with a zero-credit cost for Traceability during the beta period.

Traceability improvements & bug-fixes

  • We now provide results visualizations in the GO user interface. This is immediately available for projects created since June 8th. Over the next 1-2 weeks, we will be backfilling your remaining projects (created before June 8th) to enable all of them to be visualized in the GO UI.
  • We now geocode all cluster results against both our AOI catalog and OpenStreetMap land-use zones. This adds metadata (place type and name) about the real-world place each cluster corresponds to, and should help you filter for the most relevant results.
  • Over the past week, we discovered some errors in the calculation of Traceability results, and also noticed an increase in project failures. We have notified all affected users, and will provide further updates over the next week as we fix all affected projects.
  • Recognizing that Traceability is a new feature with further enhancements coming in the weeks ahead (e.g. speed, scalability and other improvements) we have decided to label it as "beta" and offer it free of charge (i.e. zero credits) to encourage you to apply it to different use cases. We will give you at least a month of advance notice when we transition out of "beta".

Traceability visualizations of device movements up to 3 days before arrival at JFK airport

✏️ Annotation

  • Improved visual indicator when user mouse-overs bounding-box objects (eg aircraft)
  • Smarter persistence of last-added object class when adding objects
  • Bugfix for errors in pulling timeseries results for open-order projects w/ annotation

🔧 Other enhancements

  • 3 new Basemaps for map view: GO Streets, ArcGIS Satellite, and OpenStreetMap
  • Optimized API speed for listing projects & creating new projects. Still more work to be done.
  • Loading indicator while loading result visualizations
  • Bugfix for project sharing modal when username != email
  • Bugfix where project creator could be added again as a collaborator
  • Bugfix for usage-report API (non-intuitive end-date, and missing legacy deleted customers)