New Japan geolocation data provider

We have added a new geolocation data provider for Japan, with significantly better coverage and higher daily device counts.


Example of daily foot traffic time series at JXTG's Oita refinery.
Median weekday device counts are ~100, compared with 10-20 with the Global II provider.

To start using the new provider, when creating a Foot Traffic project, simply choose from the new Japan provider under the Data provider option. We will be extending this data source to all geolocation algorithms over the next few months.


Comparison: Japan vs Global II provider

The table below shows a comparison of the new Japan provider vs the existing Global II provider, over 85 Orbital Insight-curated AOIs from the AOI catalog, across a range of industrial AOI types (factories, oil refineries & distribution centers).

ProviderMean Daily Device CountMedian Daily Device Count
Global II118
Improvement 8.4x 11.8x