Global II normalization, revamped sharing

Foot traffic algorithm

  • Normalization is now enabled for the new Global II provider. Stable user filtering is being worked on which will then bring this to full parity with the other available providers
  • Observation windows are now generated taking into account AOI timezone, which will reduce perceived lag (results are not affected by this).
    • For instance, if you have a project with AOIs in Asia (ahead of UTC) and the USA (behind UTC) - device counts for a given day will be available as soon as the local day has ended in each AOI's timezone, meaning that device counts will be available sooner for the Asia AOIs compared to the US AOIs.

Revamped project sharing user experience

  • Auto-suggests other users in your customer group to share to
  • Cleaner user interface and extra clarity on sharing permission levels

Other improvements in this release


  • Include total_trips & total_devices columns in heatmap results, for consistency with cluster results
  • Minor improvements to scaling


  • Fixed bug with disappearing annotations in open-order projects
  • New Escape key shortcut + minor polish

Other fixes

  • Now show imagery thumbnails at a lower zoom level
  • Handle tiny AOIs to avoid failures when ordering Airbus imagery
  • Fixed edge case credit calculation error
  • Added API documentation for AOI endpoints (AOI catalog queries)