New Japan geolocation data provider

We have added a new geolocation data provider for Japan, with significantly better coverage and higher daily device counts.


Revamped time series charts

We have revamped the time series charts in the results user interface. The new charts load & render significantly faster, particularly for results with thousands of data points - such as hourly foot traffic over several years.

2021-08-31 release

Annotation of rotated bounding boxes; filtering of traceability results based on geocoding and results metadata

2021-08-18 release

Improved Airbus Pleiades trucks algo; a new & improved time series chart for results; temporary deprecation of alerts; and other bugfixes.


Traceability geocoding UI

In this release, we further refined the user interface for Traceability results, with cleaner iconography for Traceability cluster results, and by providing geocoding results directly in the UI.


Traceability beta period, visualizations & enhancements

We have released an update to GO which contains significant improvements and bug-fixes for the Traceability feature. We are also introducing a beta status for Traceability, to acknowledge the continued work & improvements still planned, with a zero-credit cost for Traceability during the beta period.


New Global II geolocation provider, multi-class annotation

New geolocation provider: Global II


Introducing Traceability

We are excited to launch the Traceability algorithm in GO, which lets you analyze geolocation data at your areas of interest (AOIs) to discover and map where devices are coming from and going to. Simply draw your AOIs as usual, select the Traceability algorithm, and click Run!


Object Detection Improvements

We regularly release optimizations and enhancements to make your overall GO experience better & faster. In the last month, these have been focused on imagery projects, particularly with object detection: