AOI Library

The AOI library allows you to save AOIs from existing projects, for re-use in new projects.

The AOI library is private to yourself - no other users will have access to your library AOIs. In future, we plan to allow sharing of library AOIs across users, for better collaboration.

Save Existing AOIs to the Library

Save an existing AOI to your library to be re-use it in other projects & analyses.

You may do this in two ways:

  • Project actions menu: click the Actions menu button to access the actions menu, then click "Export AOIs" and select "Save to your AOI library".
  • AOI editing toolbar: when editing AOIs, click the Save to AOI library button to save the AOI to your library. This button is also available when multiple project AOIs are selected.

Saving to AOI library from the project actions menu
(for any project, including those that are already run)


Saving to AOI library from the editing toolbar
(only for projects that are not yet run)


AOIs are saved as a copy

When you save an AOI from your project to your library, it is saved as a copy. Further edits you make to the project AOI will not be reflected in your library's copy of that AOI.

Saving an AOI to your library multiple times will create multiple copies of that same AOI in your library. See Managing Library AOIs for how to delete & prune your library.

Add Library AOIs to a Project

While editing AOIs in a GO project, you may search the library for saved AOIs and add them to your project.

Searching the library works exactly the same as searching the public AOI catalog. Once you have found the relevant AOIs, click the button to add them to your project. AOIs may be added to your project singly or in bulk.


Adding library AOIs to a project


Library search results are constrained by your map view

Similar to the AOI catalog, searching within the library is constrained to AOIs that lie within your current map view bounds.

If you do not see AOIs in your library, try panning / zooming out to a global view, then click "Re-do search..." to refresh.


AOIs are added to your project as a copy

When you add a library AOI to your project, it is added as a copy. This means that if you subsequently edit the AOI in the project, these changes will not automatically update the library AOI.

If you later delete the library AOI, the copy added to your project will not be affected.

Managing Library AOIs

You may want to manage your AOI library by editing and deleting AOIs in your library. Currently, we only support deleting library AOIs. In future, we intend to support direct editing of library AOI geometries and other metadata.

To delete AOIs in your library, search the library as usual, open the list by clicking on "View List", then click Delete AOI on the library AOI that you want to delete:


Deleting an AOI from the library