What are projects?

GO projects are analyses configured by you to ask questions about the world. You determine where to look (areas of interest), what to count & measure (algorithms), and when (date range).

You may have as many projects as you need, each asking different questions.

Projects Page

The projects page is the landing page when you log into GO, and shows you all of your projects, as well as those that have been shared to your account.

(If you have access to additional apps within GO, click on GO Create to go to your list of projects.)


Clicking on any project here will bring you to the project creation view. If the project has results, this will bring you to the results view.

Create a Project

Create a project to begin a new analysis with GO.

From the projects page, click this button: New project

For a quick overview of how to configure your project, see the Quick Start

Whatโ€™s Next

Learn more about the projects page, working with projects, and collaborating with your teammates