Welcome to the GO API User's Guide.

This document provides a gentle introduction to the API available with GO Create and GO Explore.
Most of the features available through GO's web interface can be accessed programmatically,
including project creation, project execution, and results extraction. The API is for developers
and integrators who wish to use GO's features to build systems that can do things like:

  • Create a GO project that measures vehicle traffic in San Francisco over the last three years, so
    that the raw data can be analyzed for an urban development study.
  • Using a government database containing active foreign airfields, every month create a new GO
    project which measures weekly aircraft counts at those fields, so that this data can be fed into
    a government analytic workflow which monitors military readiness.
  • Create a set of GO projects which perform surveys of certain energy-related indicators for the
    use of commodities traders, based on trends identified from certain proprietary models, and feed
    the resulting data back into the models.

Those systems will likely need more than just a web-based application: in the case of the first
project, the raw data counts need to be extracted; in the second case, the project's AOIs need to
be updated automatically every month; and in the third case, the projects need to be tightly
integrated with a proprietary system.

Readers are assumed to be familiar with with GO and its features, as described in the GO User's

Readers are also assumed to be familiar with the basics of making HTTP requests from the command
line, although some introduction to this is provided in Sections 2 and 3.

This document is organized as follows:

  • Section 2 helps you set up your environment for accessing GO and verify that your account is
    functioning correctly
  • Section 3 describes the programming and data model used by the GO API
  • Section 4 introduces the Project resource and shows how to create a Project with associated AOIs
    and algorithms
  • Section 5 shows how to execute a Project and monitor its progress
  • Section 6 shows how to retrieve results from a Project
  • Section 7 covers additional and advanced API topics
  • Section 8 (appendix) provides a complete Python script for retrieving results

This User's Guide only describes some of the features available through the GO API. For a complete
list of API functions and data models, please see the online, swagger-based GO API Reference

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