Run Projects

When you have configured your project with AOIs, algorithms, and a date range, simply click "Run" to kick off the analysis.


The button displays the number of credits that the analysis will cost.


What are credits?

Credits are charged each time you run a project, and are calculated based on: (i) number of AOIs run (ii) amount of data being analyzed. You are not charged until you click Run.

To learn more about credits, click here.

GO will now start running your analysis in the background, and will send you an email once complete.


How long should I expect to wait?

Generally, we guide for the following processing times, based on algorithms selected, for projects with a moderate number of AOIs (1 - 100):

  • Object detection: up to 1 day (default catalog) to 3 days (extended catalog with more imagery)
  • Foot traffic: generally within 1 hour
  • Traceability: generally within a few hours
  • Land use: a few hours up to 1 day

For imagery-based projects (object detection & land use), if you have large AOIs that are >100km2, expect extended processing times. Please contact us if your projects are taking longer than expected.

To learn more about processing times, go to the documentation page for each algorithm.


Projects are locked after being run

Your AOIs, algorithms and parameters are locked after you run a project, so that your results can be tightly linked to the exact settings used to produce them.

If you wish to modify an existing project, you will have to clone the project, make your changes, then run the new project.