Open-Order Projects

You may create "open-order" projects by configuring any project with an end-date set in the future. Such projects are scheduled to run daily to analyze any new data available.


Restrictions for open-order projects

Most of our generally available algorithms are able to run on an open-order basis. If an algorithm is not able to run on an open-order basis, you will not be able to select an end-date in the future.

See the documentation page of individual algorithms for more details.


When do open-order runs happen?

Open-order projects search for & analyze new data daily. This is scheduled to happen every 24 hours after the project is first run.

Credit Costs

Open-order projects will incur additional credit charges for new data that is analyzed.

For more information on credits, click here.

You will receive an email notification for such additional charges as they are incurred.


Additional credits are calculated on the same basis for all projects

For example - with satellite imagery-based algorithms (object detection, land use), credits are calculated per square kilometer of imagery & per algorithm - the same formula is used for both historical data as well as for future data analyzed via open-orders.

Stop an Open-Order Project



We are currently working to expose this functionality in the GO user interface.