AOI Metadata

The following schema is used to describe and store all AOIs in GO, including both user-created and catalog AOIs provided by Orbital Insight.

FieldDescriptionTypeExampleUser-editableReturned by APIAuto-calculated
nameAOI namestringFord Dearborn
categoryUsed to categorize AOIsstringIndustrial
typeUsed to categorize AOIsstringFactory
tagsAdds context to AOIlist of stringsAutos, Assembly
attributesCustom metadata. Stores custom fields for user-uploaded AOIs.JSON{"capacity": 500}
countryAdmin level 0 boundarystringUnited States
stateAdmin level 1 boundarystringMichigan
data_sourceWho created the AOIstringOrbital Insight

Country / State Geocoding

We use a global set of country/region (admin level 0) and state/province (admin level 1) boundaries from NaturalEarth (v4.1). For disputed regions, we make no adjudication and use the boundaries as-is.

For AOIs that lie outside these boundaries, we assign country/state based on the closest admin boundary within ~50 kilometers. Any AOIs that are further out to sea will not have an assigned country/state.