Spatial Results

Spatial results data consists of geometries (points, bounding boxes, polygons, etc) in geographic coordinates. Spatial results are produced for the following algorithms:

Interacting with Spatial Results

Spatial results are displayed in the map view in the results page for your GO project:


Spatial results in the map view on the results page

From here, you may:

  • Show thumbnails for the corresponding satellite scene by clicking on Thumbnails icon in the top-right corner
  • Change basemaps for the map view by clicking onBasemap togglein the bottom-right corner
  • Show/hide results layers by clicking on layer names in the legend
  • Tweak opacity & size of visualizations by clicking on legend settingsLegend settings
  • Measure distances and sizes by using the measurement toolMeasurement toolin the top-left corner


Land use - thumbnail limitations

Currently, if thumbnails are turned on for a land use result, we only display the most recent image even if multiple images were analyzed. This is a known shortcoming that we are exploring solutions for.