Introducing Orbital Insight GO

Orbital Insight is a geospatial data analytics company based in Palo Alto, California. Our mission is to measure and quantify what is happening on and to the Earth in support of public and private sector decision makers.

Satellite, airborne (drone), ground, and maritime imagery data – as well as other non-traditional geospatial data sources – are growing exponentially. To help customers deal with these challenges, Orbital Insight has developed the GO Platform: providing geopolitical and economic insights to customers.


GO is a platform that unites commercial imagery provider active and archive imagery sources with Orbital Insight’s proprietary computer vision algorithms, data science models and cloud infrastructure scalability. As a powerful change analysis and insights service available on a web interface, GO provides situational awareness over archived, regularly observed or newly tasked areas of interest — providing analysis of geospatial data at scale. Across both the public and private sectors, GO facilitates better informed policy and proactive business decision making.

You can use the GO to create, visualize and analyze datasets that answer your questions about activity on Earth. Analysis will be based on a single or multiple geospatial data source(s) including imagery and non-imagery alike.

GO provides you with access to best in class artificial intelligence capabilities. You will be able to select one or multiple computer vision algorithms to detect, classify and characterize objects that you are interested in monitoring across large areas of interest. Data-science based algorithms -- such as our foot traffic algorithm -- will add an additional layer of new data or add sense-making to your data choices.

Through GO, you will be able to:

  • Access multiple commercial imagery provider data
  • Conduct automated imagery analysis
  • Combine geospatial data sources and sets
  • Monitor objects and activity intelligence
  • Discover and analyze trends
  • Obtain daily to yearly change detections
  • Conduct computer vision queries over
  • 100s of small parking lot-sized areas of interest or
  • 1 whole country-sized area of interest
  • Visualize computer vision detections on the screen
  • Export your detections to other analysis tools
  • Share your analysis with other users

What’s Next

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