Time Series Results

Time series results data consists of counts (of objects, devices, etc) over time. Time series results are produced for the following algorithms:

  • Object detection: how many detected objects are within each image - with multi-class algorithms, a time series is produced for each class
  • Foot traffic: how many devices are observed within your AOI on each day (or hour, depending on configuration)

Interacting with Time Series Results

Time series results are displayed as a chart on the bottom in the results page for your GO project:


Foot traffic results

From here, you may:

  • Switch timeseries through the dropdown menu on the top-left of the chart
  • Zoom into a specific date range by clicking and dragging on the chart, or by using the date range selector
  • Toggle markers for chartsThumbnails icon(note: only for object detection time series)
  • Toggle shading for weekends & holidaysThumbnails icon(note: this only shows USA holidays)

Switching timeseries and zooming into a date range