Areas of Interest (AOIs)


What are Areas of Interest?

Areas of Interest (AOIs) let you determine where to run analysis of geospatial data. Each AOI corresponds to a polygon in geographic coordinates (latitude / longitude) defining an area on the Earth.

AOIs are created within projects. Each project may have multiple AOIs.

Some other terms for AOIs include: polygons, boundaries, geofences.

For example, with imagery-based algorithms, AOIs define the exact extents of imagery to be ordered & analyzed with computer vision algorithms. With geolocation & other location data-based algorithms, AOIs define geographic boundaries within which to query & analyze raw location data.

AOIs in GO take the form of polygons (or multipolygons) specified in geographic coordinates (WGS84).


Example of an AOI demarcating a Modelo brewery


AOIs are locked once a project is run

Note that project AOIs are locked once a project has been run, such that you cannot add / edit / delete AOIs.

This is to ensure that project results are tightly coupled to the AOIs that were used to generate those results.

What’s Next

AOIs may be created and edited in many different ways. Learn more about how to configure AOIs for your project: