View Results

The GO user interface allows you to quickly view results in spatial (eg object detection geometries) & temporal (time series) dimensions.


Results page layout

  • The project name, date range & status are shown at the top
  • Project AOIs are laid out on the left, allowing you to navigate between results for each AOI
  • The map view initially shows you all project AOIs. As you click into results for an AOI, the map will display spatial results for that AOI.
  • Where relevant, a time series chart will appear below the map (see algorithm-specific sections below)
  • The actions menu at the top-right allows you to:

Object Detection

Object detection results contain both spatial and temporal data:

  • Spatial: where objects are detected within each image (object geometries)
  • Temporal: how many objects are detected within each image (time series data)

Object detection results

Explore object detection results:

  • Navigate between AOIs to see their results by clicking on them in the left-hand pane
  • Navigate between observations by clicking on data-points within the time series chart to view results for that observation
  • Switch between algorithms by clicking on the algorithm tabs above the time series chart (if you have run your project with multiple algorithms)
  • Visualize & manipulate spatial results
  • Visualize & manipulate time series results
  • Annotate results - fix algorithm errors (false positives / negatives; misclassifications) by clicking on Thumbnails icon at the top-left corner

Navigating between satellite observations and algorithms in object detection results

Foot Traffic

Foot traffic results primarily contain temporal data:

  • Temporal: how many devices are counted in the AOI on each day / hour (time series data)

Foot traffic results

Optionally, if heatmaps have been configured for the foot traffic analysis, results will also contain spatial data:

  • Spatial: where devices are located within the AOI, on each day / hour (heatmap)

Navigating between daily heatmaps in a foot traffic time series

Heatmaps come with a legend showing the number of devices seen in each part of the AOI - this corresponds to the raw (non-normalized) "Foot Traffic" time series.

Explore foot traffic results:



Under construction

Traceability results visualizations are being developed currently

Land Use

Land use results contain only spatial data:

  • Spatial: what are the areas (exact polygon geometries) of each land use class detected within my AOI?

Land Use (1.5m) results - Indonesian city of Medan

Explore land use results:

What’s Next

Learn more about viewing spatial and time series results